February 6th, 2011
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Health and beauty

Today I have decided to change a blog format. I will write henceforth about everything that I managed to see on the Internet on a beauty and health theme. This a theme is interesting to everyone, all want to be beautiful and healthy. The medicine and pharmacology isn’t necessary on a place, every day there are all new both new techniques and the preparations which are giving the chance to people to get rid of the illnesses and to look as the Hollywood star. I hope, my blog will help you with it. Bless you!

February 5th, 2011
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Co-ordinators and founders of the project

Internet community date of creation – 27.04.2007.

Founders and co-ordinators of new building movement of “Strojsajt” are finalists of the first all-Russian competition “the Building site 2007?. More in detail about competition …

Melenchuk Olga, St.-Petersburg. Company NPTO “Cord”

Thermal protection, sound insulation and ognezashchita

Tokarev Natalia, Moscow. Open Company “the Brigade With”

Nonmetallic and other building materials. A territory accomplishment. Open Company “the Brigade With”.

Kucherova Natalia, Moscow. Open Company.

Building Company. Building “on a turn-key basis”, furnish, repair.

We are grateful to a building portal “your House” – to the organizer of competition who has united sites of the building industry in new undertaking.

February 2nd, 2011
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Designs of the bases

One of the main tasks at house building, is the base bookmark as the base carries out bearing function and serves for transfer on a ground of loading created by a building. From that, how much correctly you have chosen type and a base material, “health” of your house depends.

On a design the bases share on stolbchatye and tape.

The stolbchatye bases are used for buildings with easy walls, for example wooden or frame. At building stolbchatyh the bases adhere to several rules.

1. Columns should be established, under all corners of external walls and under crossing of walls among themselves.

2. Depending on loading, columns should be established on all perimeter of a building, on distance from 1,2 to 2,5 m from each other.

3. Between columns there should be a crosspiece which serves for a coupler of columns among themselves, and as as the basis for a socle. For isolation podpola from external influences, it is necessary to lay out a socle.

The tape bases are used for buildings with the heavy walls executed from concrete, a brick or a stone. Such bases are put on all perimeter of a building.

January 30th, 2011
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Qualitative double-glazed window – what it?

Plastic window for many consumers not simply frame and glass, and still an important element of refined design and comfort in the house. But, unfortunately, not all manufacturers use the possibilities given by modern technologies. The design of a window is not only window profile, but a double-glazed window as the double-glazed window occupies to 80 % of the area of a window. And, means, it is necessary to approach to a double-glazed window choice with even bolshej carefulness.

So what should be a qualitative double-glazed window?

First, the qualitative double-glazed window, should be made of high-quality glass with application of two-componental hermetic, a qualitative remote framework and selikagelja.

Secondly, the qualitative double-glazed window should be made on automatic transfer lines capable to observe all requirements and work cycle parametres – is sharp, washing, drying, assemblage, filling silikagelem, double hermetic sealing.

Qualitative steklopaet is a necessary condition, but not sufficient. The majority of manufacturers of double-glazed windows forget about it and make usual double-glazed windows, often intentionally forgetting that there is a large quantity of glasses which improve quality of double-glazed windows and change design of a window.

January 30th, 2011
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The woman receives stress, to become nervous, is embittered, irritable. There is a hormonal failure of an organism.

After abortion sexual rest during 1 – 1,5 months for a complete recovery and epitelizatsii uterus surfaces. In it the period it is necessary to refrain from the sexual intercourses, as during this period probably infection and repeated pregnancy. Pregnancy only after a year of rehabilitation and strict control of the doctor so it is possible developments of complications.

If you plan to become pregnant in the near future, you should pass inspection in female consultation for revealing of inflammatory processes. If after abortion not can is long to become pregnant, it is necessary to pass inspection. At pregnancy after abortion the big risk of interruption of pregnancy (abortion).

January 29th, 2011
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Head of the printer the market of plastic cards

Head of the printer the market of plastic cards

Addresses of printing houses payment terminals

Polyethylene packing sm the tire

Sitemap of acquaintance of the lesbian

Loader 10т cases moskva

Ceiling fastening a projector what to buy a vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner samsung raspashnye gate

Football gate gost the certificate

Sale of a projector the scheme of heating of the house

Bearings gpz rolled jalousie

January 28th, 2011
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Complete systems

The word in translation from Latin means “complete set” full, and a word “system” – whole. Thus, concept “the complete system” means such nomenclature of building materials, products and fixing elements at which use it is possible to achieve the universal decision of this or that building problem. The basic distinctive feature of complete systems is standardization of separate elements and the works, allowing to achieve the standard end result.

The most widespread kinds of complete systems in building are:

- gipsokartonnye systems; Modern complete systems of dry building with standard building elements possess numerous advantages:- Simplicity of designs provides problemless both favourable installation stenovyh and ceiling designs; Complete systems allow to calculate cost of the future design and installation time with considerable accuracy. As elements and works are standardized, with development of computer technologies programs for automatic calculation of the expense and design cost were widely adopted. In the simplified variant tables of the expense of materials which we result on this site are used. For exact calculation you can address – (Contacts)

January 28th, 2011
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Difficult and complex, it the skilled doctor, or the doctor which should spend before treatment of a bronchial asthma conducted the woman.

The most important thing needs be not to forgotten that all medical products which are appointed to the pregnant woman, get through a placenta into avoidance to drawing of harm to a fruit. At a lung a current of a bronchial asthma treatment is limited to appointment of mustard foot baths, inhalation. All medicines are appointed and accepted strictly on doctor’s orders. Now were extended ksantiny long action (teopek). It is necessary not to forget also that intal apply after 3 th months of pregnancy, but only to bronchospasm preventive maintenance. During an asthma attack can lead to condition deterioration. As medical products bronchial spasmolytics, anti-inflammatory (glucocorticoids) preparations are appointed. Symptomatic treatment, gathering of grasses, antigistaminnye preparations, physiotherapy exercises. Application gormonoterapii is spent only under strict control of the doctor. Respiratory gymnastics on all an extent of pregnancy,

At the time of delivery the pregnant woman receives the humidified oxygen, treatment don’t stop. At development of the asthmatic status the pregnant woman translate in branch of intensive therapy where carry out medical actions.

January 27th, 2011
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For what planning is necessary

Good post at bowin:

“Some, maybe, know a baize which I have read at K.Vejka. During one of the European wars the group of the Hungarian soldiers has lost road to the Alpes. There was a strong snow, was very cold, and it became clear that the group will inevitably be lost. And here the young lieutenant, the leader of group, has found out in itself in a pocket a card. It has spread out it, has defined a group site, a direction of movement and has confidently deduced the soldiers to people. And only after that it was found out that the card was not the Alpine mountains, and Pyrenean.

The same – movement on a card which in any way isn’t corresponding to district – occurs in the course of any planning. But let’s take a step and we will look at this history hardly more attentively. We see that the card, first, though and in small degree, but corresponded to a reality is there was a card of mountains, thus mountains European. It is important because Europe is densely enough populated, and bypassing mountain that in the Pyrenees that in the Alpes, there is a chance to come across habitation. The card has created possibility to the leader to feel more confident and to make the decision. The card has rallied group, has given to it of forces, has given it hope of a fast outcome. Thereby, the card which is not corresponding to territory, but pretended to be truthful, has given the chance the coordinated action – and more than anything and it was not necessary.

But further: how much all the same “future road maps” are false? I think of one vivid example – semi-conductor branch in the USA. This branch – hundreds and thousand independent rather small firms. In similar conditions of branch it was possible to develop, first, (without government participation, independent negotiations and coordination) a self-adjustable set of technological standards, and secondly to create “road map” of development of branch which all basic players adhere. It creates possibility of action for each of participants of the market, for suppliers, for consumers – the future which is thought up, but is methodically embodied, because all is more convenient and more clear, when it is embodied. And nearby a lying example from the same Silicon valley – when I listened to a podcast with performance of the founder of the leading firm on manufacture of media processors NVidia, there have sounded that the company created the first video card under processors not existing yet on sale and under even absent software – and when these processors and a software have appeared NVidia at once became the leader of unexpectedly arisen market. “Images of the future” turn to “future cards”, and to future cards follow, because it is the best reference point in the difficult uncertain environment “. To read completely here

January 27th, 2011
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